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Domain Registration

Terms & Conditions

    • The Terms and conditions contained herein shall constitute and form an entire Agreement (hereinafter referred to as ‘Agreement’) between Web Players Technology (WPT) and the customer.
    • Any Clause of the Terms and Conditions if deemed invalid, void or for any reason becomes unenforceable, shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining clauses of the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement.


    • In the event the Agreement gets Terminated for any reason whatsoever before the expiry of the period of one year from the date of the Agreement, than the website, hosting and domain, if so applicable, provided by WPT, shall be chargeable by WPT and the Customer agrees to pay for the same, in case the Customer intends to continue the use of such website, hosting after the period of one year from the date of this Agreement.
    • That Case the advertising budget of the customer is consumed before the expiry of the period of one year from the date of this Agreement than also the customer shall be entitled to use the website, hosting and Domain for the balance period. However in the event the Customer intends to continue the use of such website, hosting and domain after the period of one year from the date of this Agreement than the same shall be chargeable,
    • In the event the advertisement requirements requested by the Customer fall within the restricted category of Google or are not supported by Google or are against the policy of Google then WPT shall have the right to refund the balance consideration paid by the Customer.
    • WPT reserves the right to refuse or cancel any advertising requirement at its sole discretion, with or without cause, at any time. Balance advertising budget will be refunded to the Customer.
    • Service contract is for Google Adwords, which is paid form of advertising on Google, Customer’s website link would appear under sponsored links on Google Search Results Page.
    • Our Template based website solution would not be given along with FTP (File Transfer Protocol)


    • The Consideration means the cost of the package purchased by the Customer from WPT.
    • WPT reserves the right to charge for any additional work executed by WPT.
    • The cost of click would includeWPT’s charges over and above the actual cost of Click on Google Adwords.
    • In the event the Customer agrees to pay the consideration for the services via ECS mode, than the same cannot be cancelled by the Customer amidst the term of the Agreement , unless the Agreement is earlier terminated by WPT at its sole discretion or by mutual consent of WPT and the Customer.
    • Once website is live after the approval of the Customer (which approved cannot be unnecessarily withheld), all the changes requested to WPT shall be chargeable on mutually agreed terms, In the event the Customer does not respond regarding the approval of the website, after having sent the same to it, for its approval by WPT, within 7 days from the date of it being  sent, then the same shall be deemed to have been approved and any changes requested thereafter to WPT shall be additionally chargeable. However Client would have an all time CMS access to make changes to the website.


  4. Indemnity
    • Customer shall indemnify and hold WPT harmless from all claims, cost, proceeding, damages and expenses (including legal and other professional fees and expense) awarded against or incurred or paid by WPT as a result of or in connection with any alleged or actual infringement of any third party intellectual property right (including copyright)or other right arising out of the use or supply of the information by or on behalf of the customer to WPT.


  5. Termination
    • If the contract is terminated by customer before services under this Agreement are to being executive or are in the process of completion that in such an event, under no circumstances, the consideration paid or agreed to be paid by customer, shall be refundable and the same shall be forfeited in full.


  6. Miscellaneous
    • WPT shall be permitted to identify customer, as WPT’s client and may use customer name in connection with WPT’s marketing initiative.
    • Customer agrees and permits WPT to make calls and messages on his Mobile and office contact number subsequent to the signing of this Agreement.
    • Customer agrees to take virtual number from WPT, for the purpose of running the advertising campaign and to enable measurability of the campaign. It is agreed by and between WPT and the customer that WPT is within its right, to discontinue the above stated virtual number for the customer, in the event, the customer chooses not to advertise further. These calls would be recorded for reference and quality purpose.
    • WPT is authorized to replicate the existing website of customer on its sub-domain and is hereby authorized to make such changes as may be required for the betterment of the delivery of the advertising campaign.
    • Clients agrees to do all the requisite changes recommended by WPT on its website in order to enhance the advertising campaign performance
    • Customer authorize WPT to make critical decisions like daily Budget ,CPC , keywords ,GEO Network / devices for the enhanced performance of the advertising campaign.


    • WPT makes no representations, warranties or guarantees of any kind as to the level of sales, purchases, clicks, sales leads or other performance that customer can expect from advertising campaign through WPT. Any estimates provided by WPT to the customer are not intended to create any binding obligations or to be relied  upon by the customer  and the same are mere estimates.
    • WPT will not be liable for any loss of profit, loss of  contract, loss of use, or any direct and /or indirect and/or any consequential loss, damage  or expense  sustained/incurred by  the customer as a  result of any acts or  omissions or  information or advice done /given  in any form by  or on behalf of the WPT  to the customer and  the customer is advised to make its own inquiries  and use its own best judgment  and /or intellect before taking any decision regarding the same
    • In addition to the above it is further agreed that the customer shall be solely liable for any loss or damage, whether  monetary or otherwise ,suffered  by it ,as a result of any change effected by it, on its own , in the  website by using CMS and WPT  shall not be held liable on any account  what so ever.
    • Customer would be provided access to reporting interface by WPT, showcasing all the critical performance parameters however WPT accepts no liability based on performance.


    • Neither party will be liable to the others, for any delay or failure to fulfill obligations set forth in this agreement caused by force majeure reasons or circumstances beyond their control.


    • Any notice send by the customer with respect  to this agreement has be  in writing  and has  to be  sent  through  registered  post at  the following address :Shop No. 298, Near Nehru Murti, Baraut (Baghpat), India - 25611.
    • In case of any query the customer  can contact  the accounts Manager  of WPT  between 10  Am to 6 Pm between Monday to Friday on the phone number given on the face of the  present  invoice.


    • In the event the advertisement requirements requested by the Customer fall within the restricted category of the Third Party or are not supported by Third Party or are against the policy of Third Party the WPT shall have the right to refund the balance consideration paid by the customer.
    • WPT’s website designing solution is not being given along with FTP user name and password (File Transfer Protocol).
    • Keywords suggested by WPT are for suggestive purpose only and the final keywords .on which ads will run may differ to provide best possible results to the customers.
    • Once the daily budget of the customer is exhausted, the ads will stop appearing on search/ display platforms. It will restart again on the next day this will continue until your total budget is spent.


    • The customer undertakes to notify new announcements at least 3(Three) working days in advance.
    • It is agreed and understood by the customer the once the content calendar is approved by the Parties to the Agreement than the same cannot be changed.
    • The Customer undertakes to provide substantial answers to WPT in order to answer any quires posted on the page.
    • The Customer By virtue of this Agreement undertakes to provide to WPT sole administration rights of its social pages.


    • Any third party application such as Payment gateway, shipping gateway, SMS gateway, SSL certificate or stock photos will need to be purchased by the Customer and they shall own the copyright to these materials. Customer will retain the ownership of aforesaid mentioned third party applications.
    • It is agreed and understood by the Customer that WPT shall integrate only one payment gateway in the present scope of the work.
    • It is agreed and understood by the Customer that the Hosting (server size and cost) is subjective to the website size.
    • It is agreed and understood by the Customer that the regard to the Browser compatibility the website shall be compatible in IE8, Google chrome 12.x, Mozilla Firefox 4.x
    • It is agreed and understood by the Customer that the website will be compatible on Windows OS only. Further the Website will be 95% compatible on other operating systems.
    • It is agreed and understood by the Customer that website will have only 1 admin. No sub-admin or rights management for backend modules shall be provided
    • WPT undertakes that the website shall adhere to W3C validation as far as possible.


    • If the Customer wishes to engage WPT for the services relating to only email or hosting solutions than in such event the Customer would be need to point NS1 and NS2 of the said domain to the server of WPT
    • In the event the Customer is changing his current hosting to that of WPT hosting, than the Customer must download his existing emails in outlook or else he’ll lose those emails and WPT shall accept no responsibility of the same.
    • Customer would only be provided with a CMS where he can do the requisite changes website. Since it’s proprietary software therefore WPT shall provide the FTP details.
    • Only domains with “.co.in”, “.in” and “.com”are available in this package.


    • IFTP details of the site should be provided by the Customer in case the website is not built by WPT.
    • Keywords once chosen cannot be changed during the entire duration of the project. If changed, there is an Extra Cost. Each keyword shall cost 10% of total project cost regardless of the timeline of the project.
    • Our performance shall be judged by improvement in ranking of the keywords.
    • Keyword shown once on the first page will be considered as an accomplishment.
    • By the end of the duration, all the Keywords would have ranked on first page atleast once. If not than WPT undertakes to keep working for that keyword free of cost.
    • If any changes are done on the website without prior notice and approval of WPT, than the responsibility of WPT for the accomplishment shall cease. In such a scenario, the on page optimization would have to be done again,
    • Which would attract the set up cost and the same shall be payable by the customer.
    • SEO Packages cover SEO for only 1 Search Engine (eg. Google.co.in). SEO for more than 1Search Engine would be taken as different package altogether.
    • Due to changes in the Search Engine Algorithm there is a possibility of fluctuations in the ranking. Though WPT will work towards getting the ranking back and incorporate necessary changes in the strategy, but will not be responsible for any time delay in this process.
    • In case client decides to terminate the contract before completion go minimum duration, WPT shall not be liable to meet the deadlines.
    • WPT undertakes to provide to the Customer regular reports on a monthly basis.


  11. OTHER
    • The Customer and shall supersede all prior commitments if any, agreements, communications, discussions relating to the services covered herein and particularly mentioned on the face of this Agreement.
    • The charges/considerations mentioned on the face of the agreement are only for the proposal submitted by WPT to the customer and any scope of work not covered in the proposal shall be charged extra.