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Designing & Development

Designing is a key part of any website development as it decides the functionality. Unbeatable website designing services in Delhi is offered by the best website designing company.

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SEO, Google Ads

Promotion & Ads

With the invention of online promotion, SEO & Adwords is now an integral part of a business that brings so many opportunities to the marketers to promote their businesses in a productive way.

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FB, Insta & Youtube

Social Media

Social media marketing has the power to increase customer loyalty and the customers who received a quick response on social media would recommend the brand to others.

About Us

Digital Marketing Company in Uttar Pradesh

Driving measurable results for the clients are the foundation on which the digital market strategies of Web Players Technology is based. As a successful and well-known IT Solution Company in Uttar Pradesh, our web designing, website developing and digital marketing strategies are developed thorough in-depth understanding of your precise business by immersing our experienced web developers, designers, and internet marketing experts in the brand, industry and competitive landscape of your business.

In order to meet the specific as well as diverse audience and brand objectives of our clients, we customized the online digital marketing strategies. Our clients has observed and witnessed better user engagement, improved conversion rate, and a boost in return on investment in short period of time with our well-planned and executed right digital marketing approach.

Counted and known as the best Digital Marketing Company in Uttar Pradesh, our SEO experts have implemented result-driven SEO strategies that delivered a significant growth in organic traffic and brand awareness of our valuable client.

By focusing on our clients’ business goals and delivering on measurable solutions for online growth, we have established ourselves as one of the most trustworthy and client-centric Website Designing Company In Noida that creatives greater brand loyalty for its growing clientele in Noida.

  • Our experienced and hardworking team create the most optimal solutions that will help client reach their goals
  • Designing, development and promotional projects are delivered within promised time frame
  • Projects are completed on budget and to highest quality
  • Scalable and extendable solution are delivered, to grow the business of our clients
Inventive & Innovative web solutions since the last
Strongly developed more than
We have worked with client from

Check Your Site Performance

The expert group of site style specialists at Web Players Technology recognizes exactly how to boost web site performance of updates and also enhancements in the future, consisting of reasoning, data source combinations, as well as aesthetic elements.

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Our Services

What Can We Do For You

In the arena of digital world where businesses are trying hard to survive and be in competition, effective techniques of digital marketing are inevitable for the success of the company. Reputed digital marketing agency in Uttar Pradesh offers services like mobile marketing, online advertising, SEO and marketing, web development and designing, marketing in the social media, management of online reputation and whatsapp marketing.


Web Players is best for Website Designing Company including Static, Dynamic & E commerce designs, Responsive website designing services.

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Web Players providing best internet promotion services including SEM, SEO, PPC, SMO, Google Adword Services for increase your ROI.

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Portal Development

Web Portal Development are User customizable and Flexible web interface to access information and represent the information as accordingly.

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CMS Development

Web Players Technology offer top-quality and low price CMS services such as: WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, CakePHP, zend framework and many more.

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CRM Development

Our CRM expertise ranges across the consulting, acquisition, integration, implementation, IT landscaping, up-gradation and support solutions.

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ERP Development

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business management software to integrate all facets of an operation including planning, development, sales and marketing.

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Why Choose Us

Why Web Players Technology Is Important For You?

Digital Marketing is promoting anything by means of internet. Nowadays, as Digital Marketing is considered to be very effective than the Traditional Marketing almost in all the ways, many Businesses now use Digital Marketing Strategies to.

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Work Process

We follow Few Steps

Web Players Technology is Digital Marketing Company in Uttar Pradesh and is one of the best at providing complete solutions for branding and promotion. Amongst all Digital Marketing Agencies in Uttar Pradesh, our bond & effort together helps our professionals to explore the likelihoods of clients using coherent Digital Marketing Services in elevating their customer reach, improving ROI, and rapidly increasing their brand image among targeted audience.




Foremost step is to know about the project's detail description.



Optimal Solution

Our team will find the optimal solution that fits for the project.



Design & Develop

We will develop the project by taking client in the loop.




After Client's approval project will be ready to launch.

Excellent on-the-web presence

Everything we do is to provide you with unique creative website designs, which have interactive and engaging User Interface (UI) to enhance the user experience. This User Experience is designed to make you stand out well in the market so that you can have much more advantages than your competitors.

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Our Expertise

Outstanding Experience

We work with customers to incorporate the stream of the client experience crosswise over channels (e.g., face-to-face or over phone), supporting sales for smaller-value transactions, opening up new lead sources and making new models for service.

Website aligned with business mission and vision

We will analyze all your business needs right from the starting and then design an online strategy for you that is in line with your business. We will also focus on your business branding and move it to online marketing via high-end website development. We build our clients’ websites on WordPress and also contribute to business content, menus, newsletters and other industry specific functionalities. We will also advise you to follow the correct web development path by keeping a sharp eye on your mission and vision of your business.

We assure you that you can have the following with us unlimited:
  • Design revisions
  • Products
  • Pages
  • Technical support
  • Email accounts

We design the websites for you and place the relevant content on it via Content Management System (CMS), which gives you complete freedom to take charge of the content and update it as per your own convenience. You get the complete access and control of the content from any device. We use WordPress CMS, which is a globally-renowned CMS platform. It is the best CMS available and it encompasses development of more than one-third of the websites. WordPress is like Microsoft Word and hence it is very intuitive and easy-to-use

Why should you choose Web Players Technology?
  • Great experience: We’ve helped over 1500 businesses get online.
  • Quality web design: We keep doing design revisions until you are happy.
  • CMS: We design the website and you manage the content.
  • Affordable: We have an expertise in keeping the cost down while providing high quality websites.
  • Great customer service: We have a friendly and experienced team, which is always available to assist you.
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Best SEO Company In Uttar Pradesh

The digital landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years, but SEO still remains an effective and important marketing strategy.SEO has become widely adopted as an online marketing strategy because of its effectiveness.

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    Increased Traffic

    Top positions on the search engine result pages receive a majority of the impressions and clicks, so ranking in these top positions can result in significant traffic increases for your website.

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    Cost Effectiveness

    SEO is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies because it targets users who are actively looking for your products and services online.

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    Brand Awareness

    Since top position rankings result in significant impressions, having your website in these top positions on the result pages translates to more exposure for your website.

Search Engine Optimisation is a method through which the search engines decide the ranking of a website according to the keywords entered in the search bar.

It is a combination of techniques and strategies, which helps in increasing the traffic onto the website. Investing in SEO from the start helps the business to grow at a fast pace. If your business is unique and doesn’t have any competitors in the market, then SEO is not essential for you. However, no matter how exclusive your services are, there is always someone who will come up as a competitor for you.

Why should you choose Web Players Technology?
  • Guaranteed Results: We believe in high organic rankings and website traffic.
  • Established Business: We are an established website design company with more than 700 clients’ base.
  • 100% Indian: We are an Indian-owned company and our SEO professionals are Indian nationals.
  • Affordable: Our focus is on keeping the costs down and delivering the best SEO services.
  • Great customer service: We have a friendly and experienced team, which is always available to assist you.
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E-Commerce websites work for you while you are away…

Would you like a website that works for you while you are away from your work? The answer would obviously be yes! We can design an e-commerce website for you that will not only look good but also work for you, means it well sell on your behalf. At Web Players Technology, we provide high quality website design services that generate results.

Give tough completion to your competitors, make sales and get results

We focus on churning results right from the beginning of an e-commerce website (i.e. home page) till the final step (order confirmation). We also keep an eye on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) while designing and developing a website at Web Players Technology and after all your aim is to get website visitors to convert them to get website sales. Additionally, our e-commerce platforms are enabled right from recognising payment to marketing solutions via shipping to create a master-class customer experience in order to encourage immediate purchase. We have an online marketing team who is also available to provide you with additional services on your website, such as conversion rate optimisation and reduce cart abandonment. So say yes for considering Web Players Technology for designing and developing an e-commerce website for you.

Grow Your Business With Experienced SEO Experts

Intrinsicly recaptiualize alternative internal or "organic" sources for inexpensive outsourcing. Monotonectally create sustainable applications before premier vortals. Holisticly productivate stand-alone value and cost effective users.

At Web Players Technology, we assure you that you can have the following with us, you can have unlimited:
  • Dashboard To Manage Orders & Products
  • Advance Search Result so customer can search anything
  • Product Review & Rating to collect feedback
  • User Account so customer can see order history and manage it.
  • SSL Security to proceed with transaction smoothly and securely.
  • Email Notification to customer and owner for smooth work flow.

Social Media Marketing

There was a time when social media was considered by some as a passing fad. Something that “the kids” were using that businesses could never really benefit from. Over time, the skeptics were proved wrong. There are over 3 billion internet users—and over 2 billion of them have active social media accounts. Popular social platforms have become marketing giants, offering businesses valuable data about their customers and a (mostly) free way to reach them. The jury has spoken: social media for business is no longer optional.

  • Gain Valuable Customer Insights Social media generates a huge amount of data about your customers in real time. Every day there are over 500 million Tweets, 4.5 billion Likes on Facebook, and 95 million photos and videos uploaded to Instagram. Behind these staggering numbers is a wealth of information about your customers
  • Increase brand awareness and loyalty When you have a presence on social media, you make it easier for your customers to find and connect with you.
  • Generate higher converting leads Social media increases sales and customer retention through regular interaction and timely customer service.

Advertising on Facebook

If you have the Facebook audience or if you need to have one, we are there to help? We can achieve this by creating and customizing your Facebook advertisements with the help of our web designers who can provide you with the exhaustive social media strategy. We identify your business needs and develop an online marketing strategy for you in order to make sure that traffic is routed to your website, which is the ultimate objective of any business.

Social Media Optimization

Though social media is an important part of online optimization strategy for any business, the best results can only be achieved if it is supported by some other techniques as well. To achieve this, we have a team of experts who can tailor an online optimization strategy for your specific business needs. At Web Players Technology, we are always there to help. To avail our services, you can call or email us and you will be surprised to know that we do not charge anything for consultation.

Inhouse App Development Company – ERP Solution

These days, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) isn’t just for large-scale organizations. In fact, ERP for small business is quickly becoming more and more popular among organizations that want to facilitate greater productivity and more streamlined data that’s available to all departments within a business at all times.

  • Increased Productivity When all of your business data is easily available to all departments at once, your employees save the time and hassle of having to contact employees in other departments for the information they need.
  • Streamlined Data Flow This is especially true among fast-growing businesses, which may run into problems when it comes to data being compartmentalized in different departments.
  • Better Collaboration For small businesses struggling with collaboration, implementing an ERP system can make all the difference. After all, poor communication and lack of collaboration often comes as a result of employees not having access to the data they need.

Essential Aspects of Web Development

Web Development is never complete in one go

Most of our customers come with a question, “By when our website be completed/finished? The question may be simple but the answer is not because web development is not at all a tick-mark activity. To give a dynamic online presence to your website and your business, we development is an ongoing process, which continues to compete and grow.

User Experience should be on the top

Website designs comes with many parameters and looks of a website is one of them. Though slick and stylish looks of a website are important, but other parameters matter too. Apart from good looks, a website should act so as to bring more and more customers to your business. Performance of the website should be kept on the top during web development so as to provide customers with exceptional user experience.

What Our Client Say About Us

The business marketing trends have changed from the orthodox advertisement methods to digitized marketing. Digital marketing is, one way or another, the basic requirement for every business today. Whether international or local, giant or small all need digital marketing to promote themselves. That said, the need for digital marketers is increasing rapidly and so do our effort to keep our client on top of it.

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Who are Happy With Services and Work

Web Players Technology works with a clear vision of serving clients with digital strategies giving them an edge over competition. Our team is thorough with all digital components that has direct affect to business. Web Players Technology found privilege to work with top rated companies, Some of them are listed here.